What we offer.
We are expereanced Visual Basic .Net Programmers who will write programs for cliants for a predefined cost.
once we decide a cost and task with the cliant we type it up in an agreement. both partys MUST sign this in order to procede.
after we have a contract, you will require to make a 10% deposit, upon the payment being recived we will begin work straight away, further comunication is avalible so that we can descuse and issues that may arise,
e.g. should the cliant decide to cancel the contract they will be required to pay a cancelation fee (£15).

If you have a a project you would like completed, feel free to message us for a quoat. We are open to price suggestions. We will get back to you as soon as posible

Upon contacting us via the form on the right, you will receive a message from us. Please do not reply to this email as the email address it is sent from in not monitored. So you will not get a reply from this.
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