Music Sorter
My Music sorter is a small program I made to sort all your music automaticly by album/artist and is compleatly free to use.

What You Will See:

Upon loading the program you will be presented with this window:

How To Use:

To load songs to be sorted, Click the Add File or the Add Folder button and navigate to the music you want to sort.
Once you have selected all the songs you want to sort, Click on "Configure" to change settings such as where you want to sort the music to.
(This will be where you want to put the music folders)
Then click the process button to sort the music :)

Change Log:
Music Sorter V2.0.0 Update 1
- Rewrote whole program to improve preformance and useablilty.
- Added Tabs
- Added option to pick Copy or Move
- Added option to toggle finished prompt
- Added 3 more lists for more detail showing
- Optimised Song data
- Added more to log
- Disabled folder level selection (will return soon)
Music Sorter V1.0.0 Update 2
- Fixed Duplicate extentions "song.mp3.mp3" will now correctly show as "song.mp3"
Music Sorter V1.0.0 Update 1
- Launched Application


Please Note that the dll files need to be in the same folder as the exe file for it to open.
Click the button below to download my Music Sorting Program. 100% Free (No annoying advert either) - 137KB

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