Warning: Undefined variable $i in /customers/9/5/5/kamenio.co.uk/httpd.www/src/newsfeed.php on line 29 News feed update
I'm updating the way the news feed is posted and loaded, this should mean more frequent updates and tidier code :) winners all round. there may be a lot of changes here and there as I am going to tidy up a lot of code and have a tendency to change things as I see fit.
~ Kamenio - 14:42 19/06/14

Facebook Integration
Today I have spent a fair bit of time adding small bits of code so that you can use your Facebook account to comment under the game you are playing, the idea is that you can share your scores and give tips for playing the games
~ Kamenio - 14:42 19/06/14

Site Re-skin
I noticed that my site was really dull before so I made this new one. it is highly based on the old one but a lot of things have changed appearance. The contact us page has been added to the menu so you can access it from anywhere. The friends menu has been removed as it was not needed. The anime tab is still awaiting approval(still awaiting rights to host on my site) and the flash menu has stayed pretty much the same.
~ Kamenio - 14:42 19/06/14

Pow, Recruiting Help!
Hello, I'm looking for help to keep new content on my site. If you wish to apply to help, contact me: Here . All you require is to be creative, computer literate and be willing to keep in contact, weekly minimum.
~ Kamenio - 14:42 19/06/14

Kick Start
Kamenio.co.uk had not had anything done to it in a while, I have decided that I am going to work a lot more on it now and keep working a lot more on it. I plan to make some BIG changes.
~ Kamenio - 14:41 19/06/14

Small Addition
Recently I noticed I haven't been very active so I thought I would just add a few pages. There are a few pages added, the downside of this is, it is my birthday soon and I have college shortly after so I'm not going to be doing much on it after then. Sorry gents and ladies but no updates for a while. (Maybe some small things via requests.) Please post all requests Here that's all for now :)
~ Kamenio - 14:41 19/06/14

Slow Progress
Kamenio.co.uk is a site that I have made in my free time and because of this, I'm not making much progress as I have other things I have to do (Bleh! School-ness! Urg!) and so I'm not going to get very much done as its coming up for the prelims, that means I’m actually revising. Sorry for the inconvenience.
~ Kamenio - 14:41 19/06/14

Site under construction
Kamenio.co.uk is a site that I share all my little projects that I make and so on xD I am a bit of a geek so I do spend a lot of time doing what I'm good at. main point being that I'm doing a lot of updates on my site so enjoy.
~ Kamenio - 14:41 19/06/14

Friendly Links
Adverts will be going here to help fund the site.
Sorry for any inconvenience.